Features Of The West Campus Condos


West Campus is one of the campuses around University of Texas at Austin. Other universities in the area include North Campus (or Hyde Park), the Guadalupe and Lamar. About these others, West campus is bordered by The Guadalupe to the east, Lamar to the west, Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard to the south and 29th street to the North. Beyond 30th street is North Campus. The west campus condos have great architectural designs that attract students from all walks of life.

West Campus boasts an array of architectural delights that includes mainly mid and high-rise apartments and condominiums interspersed with a few single-family bungalows. There are a significant number of condos available in West Campus, maybe more than there are apartments in North Campus.



Students and parents to students seem to prefer condominiums to apartments for various reasons. Students prefer jkmbvxzdfwqthem because they often have more affordable options. They also have individual property owners. On the other hand, parents to students prefer to buy them for their students because they make a good investment for the student’s future. By leveraging between the climbing rental rates and the average purchase price per condominium of USD 200-300K, a condominium owner is able to reduce significantly the monthly living costs with a roommate paying rent at market rates.

Popular Condos

Some modern condominiums in West Campus include Centennial, Whitestone, St Thomas, Palmetto, Parapet, Piazza Novana, and Croix Condominiums among others. These are all within walking access to the University of Texas.

Embracing the condominiums in West Campus is a bustling social life worthy of any upscale university community. Right across the Lamar is Pease Park, a favorite retreat popular with the locals. Every last weekend in April the Pease Park bursts into life with food, games for all age groups and live music in celebration of Winnie the Pooh, a tradition that has been affectionately observed in Austin since 1963. For those who prefer vegetarian cuisine, Kismet, Halal Brothers and Freedman’s among others will provide a pleasant culinary surprise Every Tuesday nights and Wednesday; beer drinkers can hang out at Cain and Abel’s bar and grill or The Local, respectively.


kjkjkkjqwwAnd if one would rather go shopping, a short trip to The Drag in Guadalupe should satisfy their retail needs with an array of offerings ranging from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel to Monkies Vintage.

West Campus also teems with fraternity and sorority houses as well as several co-ops and student organizations from the University of Texas. All these should be adequate to keep its condominium residents close to the action while feeling totally at home.